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Local Node

Appshare is running on the central Steltix provided web page primarily but can also be deployed on local and account specific machines. The requirement for a local Appshare node is:

  • Linux Virtual machine (at minimum 1 CPU, 2Gb RAM and 100Gb HD space);
  • Docker installed (Docker community edition)
  • IP port with SSH enabled (from into the local node). This may mean to whitelist this machine for SSH.
  • Allow regular IP HTTP connections from internal clients (to load Appshare).
Create Local Node

Create Node

In the accounts screen, click the docker Icon to create a local Appshare node.

When no local nodes have been setup yet, the ring around the icon is grey, and a Setup button shows at the bottom of it. Click the SET UP button to create the local node.

Create new node

New Node

In the local node setup screen, enter the IP address of the Virtual Machines assigned to run Appshare and enter the Administrator username and password required to deploy the Docker image.

Select Image

Select Docker Image

From the list of published docker images, select the one to apply to the virtual machine. The blue box turns purple indicating the docker image is up and running at the node selected in step 1.

Switch node

Switch Local Node

The local node lights up green when up and running.
It can be paused using the pause button. To deploy another image, click the main icon and select another published image from the list.

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