Inventory Management App

The Inventory Management application supports both hardware scanners as device camera scanners or regular keyboard input in the main input field the app has. The input field accepts an Item number, a lot number or a location number and returns the on-hand inventory for that item, lot or location. A hamburger menu for each on-hand lot allows a transfer, adjustment or issue immediately.

Community App:

This app is available for all users of Appshare


This application depends on standard EnterpriseOne objects only.

EnterpriseOne release:

9.2 and higher


Inventory Management Screenshots

Select your item and check summary availability.

Check Inventory details.

Adjust Inventory.

Transfer Inventory.

EnterpriseOne program

The application uses the following EnterpriseOne objects:

V41021EItem master / Availability Join
P4113Item Transfer
P4114Item Adjustments
P4116Item Reclassifications


BranchThe default branch to use
ScannerSwitched on to enable the device camera for scanning
W400951AThe version of the default locations and printers program to fetch the EnterpriseOne default branch for the logged on user
W4113AThe version to use for transfers
W4114BThe version to use for adjustments
W4116AThe version to use for Reclassifications


Multiple versions of this application can be created to allow different EnterpriseOne versions to be called in different scenarios.
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