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Global Settings

The global settings tab in Instance configuration govern the settings around the Domain Group required for administrators, the license key and the link tot the Cross Reference mappings database.

Admin Group

Enter the Active Directory Group to which the administrative Transparent Logon user needs to belong in order to be granted access to the Administrative back-end.

License Key

Enter the license key obtained from Steltix here. Without a license key, Transparent Logon only accepts up to 10 records in the user cross reference database for evaluation purposes.

Disable License Warning

When set, Transparent Logon does no longer presents a warning when the license key entered in the License Key field is about to expire.

Mapping Database Dialect

Select the database type to use for the Cross Reference Database; enter H2 for the built in H2 database or SQL-Server for Microsoft or Oracle for Oracle.

Mapping Database Url

Enter the URL of the database
An example for an Oracle DB URL could be:
jdbc:oracle:thin:@ Edwards
An example for a SQL Server URL could be:

Mapping Database Username

Enter the Username to access the Cross Reference Mapping database

Mapping Database Password

Enter the password for the Username to access the Cross Reference Mapping database

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